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Council Minutes

Corry Refuse Guidelines

Corry Police Department

Corry Water DPW

Tree Committee

Mead Park






Corry E-Waste Recycling Collection

Thursday October 17, 2013  4:30pm - 7pm

Saturday October 19, 2013   8am - 1pm

 City Maintenance Garage

650 East Main St.

Call 663-7041 for more information

Click here for a list of acceptable eWaste products PDF


WEIR Report Independent Study of the City of Corry

WEIR Report Summary 11/17/2011

Implementation Status Report

City of Corry Latest Implementation Status Report

City of Corry

Corry Government Links:

Resolution 13-05 Fee Schedule For Permits

CDBG Meeting: 08/19/2013

City Of Corry Ordinances

Corry Code Enforcement Request for Proposals

Rental Registry

Rental Inspection Housing Checklist
Smoke Alarm Placement Guidance


Zoning Ordinance-1991

*All offices are located at 100 South Center Street, Corry PA 16407

To email the Mayor or City Council Members, just click on their names


Scott Sanford


City Administrator

Gerry Dahl


City Controller

Diane L. Cowles


City Treasurer

Thomas P. Winchell


City Council

Corry City Council meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 7pm. Working session is the 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm.

Patrick A. Migliaccio


Finance and Accounts

Steven G. Bresler


Public Safety

Dennis Baker


Streets and Public Improvements

Jason Monn


Parks and Public Properties

Departmental Offices

City Administrator's Office


City Clerk


Earned Income Tax Office


City Engineer's Office


City Fax Number


City Garage Streets Department


City Golf Course (North Hills)


City Treasurer's Office


Code Enforcement


Community Center


Housing and Redevelopment Authority


Housing and Development Authority Fax Number


Waste Water Treatment Plant


Water and Sewer Billing Office




Regularly Scheduled Meetings

City Council Meetings
- 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7pm Council Chamber
City Council Agenda

Click here view council minutes...

Work Sessions for Council - Second Monday of the month, 7pm  Council Chambers

Municipal Authority - Meets quarterly, noon in Council Chambers
               2011 dates: March 22; May 22; September 20; December 13

Airport Authority - 2nd Wednesday of the month, 12 noon  Country Foods

Golf Commission* - 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m., North Hills Clubhouse

Mead Park* - 3rd Tuesday of the month – 7pm Historical Museum

Tree Committee - Tuesday following the second Monday 6pm, Council Chambers

*The Golf Commission and Mead Park usually do not meet in the month of December

City Council Members and Responsibilities:

Honorable Scott Sanford - Mayor
Scott Sanford is, by his office, the Director of the Department of Public Affairs, Chief Executive of the City and is in charge of the Police Department, the supervision over all city officers and among other powers, he enjoys an ability to solemnize marriages and preside over all meetings of Council.

Honorable Patrick A. Migliaccio - Director of Finance and Accounts
Mr. Migliaccio is charged with making periodic reports to City Council on the financial condition of the City and works closely with the City Treasurer on the timely payments of all invoices and the proper investment of all public funds, and in the event of the absence of the Mayor, he would be the Acting Mayor.

Honorable Steven G. Bresler   - Director of Public Safety
Mr. Bresler is charged with the oversight of the refuse collection, street lighting, the fire department and acts as City Council's liaison with the local volunteer fire company.

Honorable Dennis Baker - Director of Street and Public Improvements
Mr. Baker is charged with the oversight of the publics works department, which includes construction and maintenance of streets, water and waste water treatment/collection systems.

Honorable Jason Monn - Director of Parks and Public Properties
Mr. Monn is charged with the oversight of the City's various recreation assets, as well as the maintenance of all municipal buildings and properties

It is noteworthy that while each Council Person has a particular area of oversight, all decisions with regard to the policies and procedures within the departments are set by a majority vote of the entire council, the only exeception being the Mayor having sole authority over the police department.

Department Officers – Locations and Hours of Operations
The following Offices are located at:
City Building
100 S. Center Street
Corry, PA 16407

  Phone Fax

General Government Offices - permits, zoning and city administration.

Hours 8:30am - 5:00pm Mon - Fri

814-663-7041 814-664-7078

Water, Sewer and Trash Billing Offices - utility billing payments and questions

Corry Refuse Guidelines

Hours 8:30am - 5:00pm Mon - Fri



City Treasurer Office -payments of real estate taxes and municipal assessments

Hours 8:30am -5:00pm Mon-Fri



Corry Local Services Tax Office       payments of local services tax

Hours 8:30am - 5:00pm Mon - Fri



City of Corry Police Dept. - Police Chief and emergency dispatch center

20 East South Street
Emergency dial 911



City of Corry Fire Dept. Station #1 - Fire Chief and emergency dispatch center

14 E. South Street
Emergency dial 911



City of Corry Fire Dept. Station #2 - First unit and mutual aid response

26 E. Washington Street
Emergency dial 911



City of Corry Streets Dept. - Street Superintendent, streets and sewer maintenance and general equipment maintenance area. 

650 E. Smith Street
Hours 7:00am - 3:30pm Mon - Fri
Emergency Calls after Hours: 814 - 664 - 4711



City of Corry Water Dept. - Water Superintendent and system repair service department.

630 E.Smith Street
Hours 8:30am - 5:00pm Mon - Fri.
Emergency Calls after Hours:  814 - 664 - 4711



City of Corry Waste Water Treatment Plant - Waste Water Superintendent and general plant operations.

108 Sciota Street
Hours 8:30am - 5:00pm Mon - Fri.
Emergency Calls After Hours 814 - 664 - 4711



City of Corry Community Center - 15 South 1st Avenue - Indoor recreational facility with a full size gymnasium, game room and community room with full kitchen.  For rental rates and availability call 814-665-0871.  Hours vary by season and current activities.

Corry North Hills Municipal Golf Course - 1450 North Center Street - Publicly owned and operated 18-hole golf course with competitive greens fees and tee times available, 1430 N. Center Street.  814-664-4477 or toll free at 866-664-4477.  Hours vary by season and weather condition, please call for current schedule.

Corry Lawrence Airport - 800 Spring Street - Publicly owned and operated Business Class Airport with a 4,100 foot paved runway, fuel sales and hangar space available. 814-664-7111

List of Boards and Authorities:
Corry Lawrence Airport Authority
City of Corry Civil Service Board
Corry Combined Earned Income Tax Committee
City of Corry Golf Commission
City of Corry Housing Authority
City of Corry Municipal Authority
City of Corry Planning Commission
City of Corry Tree Committee
City of Corry Redevelopment Authority
City of Corry Zoning Board of Adjustment
Northwest Pennsylvania Rail Authority

If you are interested in serving on any of these civic boards, please contact the City Administrator at

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