~Impact Corry~~Phone: 814.664.9405 ~~City Government~~Phone: 814-663-7041~~ president@impactcorry.com

2015 City of Corry Drinking Water Report -use this link to read the report

City of Corry CDBG Program Suggestions- Use the link to share your suggestions for the Block Grant monies

Announcements~~City Hall, Fire, Police and Public Works Community Announcements

City Offices~~City Offices are located in City Hall at 100 South Center Street

City Council~~Corry City Council meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 7pm.

Departments~~City Departments are located in the City Hall Building unless otherwise noted.

Authorities, Boards and Commissions~~Descriptions and Meeting Locations

Community Resources~~Places to relax and get away, test your back swing…A location for gatherings and events

Codes and Ordinances~~What you need to know for living and working in the city

Reports~~Various Reports, Summaries and Project Implementation Plans

Forms, Permits and Fees~~A Listing of Forms, Permits and Fees Charged for Filing and Other Interactions with the City of Corry

Public Records~~Information relating to access to Public Records as defined by the Right to Know Law