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City of Corry
Mayor and City Council

Mayor of the City of Corry


Honorable Charles R. Campbell – Mayor

Mr. Campbell is, by his office, the Director of the Department of Public Affairs, Chief Executive of the City and is in charge of the Police Department, the supervision over all city officers and among other powers, he enjoys an ability to solemnize marriages and preside over all meetings of Council.

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City Council

Corry City Council meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 7pm.
Council work sessions are held the 2nd Monday of the month.

Taree J. Hamilton


Honorable Taree J. Hamilton
Director of Finance and Accounts

Mrs. Hamilton is charged with making periodic reports to City Council on the financial condition of the City and works closely with the City Treasurer on the timely payments of all invoices and the proper investment of all public funds, and in the event of the absence of the Mayor, he would be the Acting Mayor.

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Steven G. Bresler


Honorable Steven G. Bresler
Director of Public Safety

Mr. Bresler is charged with the oversight of the refuse collection, street lighting, the fire department and acts as City Council’s liaison with the local volunteer fire company.

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Steven W. Drake

Honorable Steven W. Drake
Director of Street and Public Improvements

Mr. Drake is charged with the oversight of the public works department, which includes construction and maintenance of streets, water and waste water treatment/collection systems.

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Alex Gernovich

Honorable Alex Gernovich
Director of Parks and Public Properties

Mr. Gernovich is charged with the oversight of the City’s various recreation assets, as well as the maintenance of all municipal buildings and properties

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While each Council member has a particular area of oversight, all decisions with regard to the policies and procedures within the departments are set by a majority vote of the entire council; the only exception being that the Mayor has sole authority over the police department.