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City of Corry
Administrative Offices

City Officers and Staff

City Offices are located in City Hall at 100 South Center Street
Office Hours are 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM unless noted
City Hall main phone is 814.663.7041   Fax is 814.664.4912

City Manager

Jason Biondi

814.663.7041   ext. 102    jbiondi@corrypa.gov

City Clerk

Joanne Smith

Phone 814.663.7041 ext. 103      jsmith@corrypa.gov

City Controller

Diane L. Cowles

Phone: 814.663.7041

City Treasurer

Donna M. Huffman

Phone: 814.663.2511
Phone: 814.663.7041     ext 104     dhuffman@corrypa.gov

Code Enforcement Officer

Jim Lathrop – Code Enforcement Officer

Phone: 814.663.7041     ext. 202     jlathrop@corrypa.gov 

Code Enforcement monitors and ensures compliance with various city codes and ordinances.

Types of Violations:

~Weeds and/or debris on a property
~Abandoned vehicles on private property
~Sidewalks that are a tripping hazard
~Electrical Violations
~Building Violations
~Exterior property maintenance on mostly rental units
~Vacant buildings

Violations Enforced by Other City Departments

       ~Abandoned vehicles in the Public Right of Way
       ~Animal Control
DPW (Dept of Public Works)
     ~Sewer or catch basins
     ~Snow & ice removal