~Impact Corry~~Phone: 814.664.9405 ~~City Government~~Phone: 814-663-7041~~ president@impactcorry.com

About Impact Corry~~Every community needs a “go to” organization … one that’s always looking for new opportunities, and is flexible and adaptable enough to respond when those opportunities present themselves. In Corry, that’s “Impact Corry.”  READ MORE             Corry 2020 Report

Projects and Initiatives~~In addition to initiating the Corry 2020 community strategic planning process, Impact Corry has either facilitated or been directly responsible for a number of initiatives since its inception in 1999. READ MORE

Grants and Funding~~If you, your group or organization has a project in mind that would benefit the community, contact Impact Corry to discuss the possibility of applying for a grant. READ MORE