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About Impact Corry

Every community needs a “go to” organization … one that’s always looking for new opportunities, and is flexible and adaptable enough to respond when those opportunities present themselves. In Corry, that’s “Impact Corry.”

Corry undertook its first community-wide strategic planning process, known as “CorryVision,” in 1998. As the process was winding down and we saw all the desires, ideas and initiatives local residents had prioritized, we realized many of those possibilities didn’t have a natural “home” – they weren’t really a Chamber of Commerce initiative, or a Redevelopment Authority opportunity, or belong to anyone else. That’s when we knew we needed a nonprofit whose only mission would be the overall well-being of Corry, and that could take that CorryVision blueprint and run with it. Thus, the Corry Community Development Corp. (CCDC) was incorporated in 1999.

We’ve since facilitated a second community strategic plan, “Corry 2020,” to update those priorities (Corry 2020 results), and we re-branded as “Impact Corry” in 2014 to better reflect our mission in our name.

In addition to facilitating initiatives from Corry 2020 and responding to external opportunities, Impact Corry also serves to make foundation grants available to community groups and organizations that would not otherwise qualify for them. Through its relationship with the Corry Community Foundation, Arlene H. Smith Charitable Foundation, and Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, Impact Corry acts to “pass through” grants, while taking fiduciary responsibility for the proper expenditure of those funds (Foundation Grants & Other Funding)

 We’re a “working board” of nine volunteers who meet monthly, except for May, July and December. Our office is located within the Smith Education Center, 221 N. Center St.

Impact Corry’s Board consists of the following:

  • Steve Bishop – President
  • Debbie Dearborn – Vice President
  • Chelsea Oliver – Secretary
  • Sandy McClellan – Treasurer
  • Steve Bresler
  • Marty Radock
  • Peter Wills
  • Lisa Cox
  • Mike Largarticha

For more information, call 664-9405, or email president@impactcorry.com