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Foundation Grants and Other Funding

Charitable foundations and other funding sources typically only provide grants to what are known as “501(c)3” nonprofit organizations.

Impact Corry is a 501(c)3, and has a relationship with such funding organizations as the Corry Community Foundation, Arlene H. Smith Charitable Foundation, and Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, that allows us to apply for funds on behalf of non-501(c)3 groups and organizations. Impact Corry then distributes the funds to those organizations, while also becoming responsible for seeing the funds are spent appropriately.

If you, your group or organization has a project in mind that would benefit the community, contact Impact Corry to discuss the possibility of applying for a grant. In the meantime, if you’re interested in the mission and goals of the Corry Community Foundation, follow this link to the foundation’s website (www.corrycommunityfoundation.org). To learn more about the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, visit www.ecgra.org.