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Corry Primary (Grades K-2)

Our Schools

The Corry community revolves around its schools, because we recognize the importance of education, and of giving our children the best opportunities to succeed. That means we invest in our schools … in our facilities to ensure our children have the best facilities possible, in our teaching and support staff so our students receive the best instruction possible, and in parental and volunteer time so they know they are supported.

Below is some quick information, but to learn more, visit www.corrysd.net.

*Corry Area Primary School: Grades K-2 … 423 Wayne St.

*Corry Area Intermediate School: Grades 3-5 … 100 W. Main St., Columbus.

*Corry Area Middle School: Grades 6-8 … located within Corry Area Middle-Senior High School, 540 E. Pleasant St.

*Corry Area High School: Grades 9-12 … 540 E. Pleasant St.

*Corry Area School District Career & Technical Center … housed in its own wing of the Corry Area Middle-Senior High School, 540 E. Pleasant St. The Corry Area School District is one of the few “comprehensive” high schools in the state, meaning it has its own Career & Technical Center as opposed to busing its students to a centralized, multi-school tech center.

This allows students in technical programs to remain integrated into their home school, and also allows students who are not enrolled in a specific technical program to still enjoy the benefits of taking technical courses. The Career & Technical Center enjoys tremendous community support, particularly from Corry’s vibrant manufacturing community.